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Handy Items to Pack for Summer Festivals

April 23, 2016

Handy Items to Pack for Summer Festivals

It’s February and spring has sprung. Well technically it’s still winter but close enough. And with spring comes all the festivals and parades. Just the thought of all that good music gets me giddy…But before you can head bang, or shake your booty, or fox trot, or whatever it is the music makes you do, you gotta pack. Lacking a few essential items can quickly turn your $150 dream festival into a nightmare. I’ll spare you the essential essentials like sun glasses, water, camera, phone, etc.…No one has to remind you to bring those things – I hope. Instead I’ll give you the list of things maybe you haven’t thought of yet.

Solar phone charger - Ever tried to find someone at a concert without a phone? It didn’t happen, did it?

Spray Bottle - This one item alone could make you the most popular person at Coachella

Hair Ties - Hair and heat. I’ll pass.

Ear plugs - I know, I know. I wear granny panties. But after hours of relentless high decibel music these can provide some welcome relief.

Rubbing Alcohol and tissue paper - Basically, this combination amounts to a do it yourself facial cleansing wipe. Nevertheless, if you don’t want two dozen new zits when you get back to civilization, pack it.  And you can clean off your hands. Yay!

Gum/mints - No one plans on meeting a stranger and necking for an hour. But occasionally accidents (alcohol) happens.

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