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New Prints & Styles

January 19, 2015

Hello All,

We are excited to announce that new prints and styles are coming soon. We will be unveiling them at the PoolTradeShow this Feb 17-19 in Las Vegas. I have some quick pics of the prints here, but there will be more detailed product pics coming soon. We try to keep things fresh at Lady Alamo and we hope you will like our new offerings.


We are introducing plaid for the first time. The working name for these prints are "Mad-Plaid Navy" and "Mad-Plaid Pink". We have always been mad about plaid here at Lady Alamo, but we have finally found the perfect match for our favorite styles.


Bike Galore:

"Bike Galore" has long been a favorite of our Printed Tote collection, but we have been developing this new fabric for you to be able to enjoy in most styles. Look out for "Bike Galore" on Messengers, burlap and Zips. Below you will find examples of the print in Sepia and Slate.


Not much explanation needed here, but since a recent visit to Hong Kong and the famous "Monkey Mountain" we have been looking incorporate a monkey print into the Lady Alamo family. Here you will find our Monkey print in Crimson and Mustard.

Fox & Aztec:

Last but not least we have two new prints we have been very excited about. Fox has been in the works for a while and we are really happy with the way it has turned out. Aztec is the working name for this modern twist on a familiar style of print. Look for both of these fun designs to make their way onto your favorite Lady Alamo styles.


We are hard at work to get these ready for the trade shows, but we will be making them available in the near future on our website along with new styles...Keep an eye out for a new addition to the "Zip" family and a long awaited backpack...but more on that later.

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