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Pool Trade Show

August 24, 2013

We are fresh back from the Pooltradeshow and still a little loopy from the lack of sleep (thank you coffee!) but we had wanted to share a bit of our experience with you all. 

A little background on Pooltrade:

  • Pooltradeshow is the original independent tradeshow, established in 2001 for the boutique market and leading retailers world-wide
  • It is hosted bi-annually every February and August in Las Vegas in conjunction with MAGIC Marketplace
  • Carefully curated, they balance fresh talent with established brands. Each POOL brand is pre-screened to provide a well-rounded representation of items that will keep the boutique and lifestyle market at the pulse of emerging trends
  • They cultivate a community of art and design driven brands creating industry connections for creative visionaries
  • They offer a distinct intimate environment that is conducive to doing business, with a non-intimidating ambiance allowing POOL exhibitors the opportunity to stand out and develop their brand

Pooltradeshow hosts a wide range of unique, sometimes visionary, sometimes funky brands. Walking the isles you are certain to find eye catching clothing, accessories and what not at every turn (sock koozie anybody?). We were happy to see some interactive exhibits drawing the crowds and adding that nice little change of pace and scenery.

We tried a different display for this show utilizing black, chalkboard painted peg boards. We were very happy with the way the black backdrop helped to pop our color pallet. Due to strict rules regarding set up, we had a difficult time getting everything to look exactly the way we wanted. 3 attempts, 8 hours and 4 beers later, we got what we were looking for.

All in all we had a great experience meeting all kinds of buyers from all over the world. We made some great friends from surrounding exhibits (more info on them to follow) and managed to leave Las Vegas without losing our shirts.
Just arrived...
One side wall is up after... 3 hours?
8 hours, 3 attempts and 4 beers later.... YAY!
Looking good~

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