From Sketch To Tote

by Bryce Beal October 28, 2013

We likes to keep things fresh here at Lady Alamo, so we regularly introduce new designs and prints, always keeping those creative juices flowing. We wanted to give you a brief idea of how the creative process works and show you a design from sketch to finished tote bag.

Some finished designs don't end up looking a whole lot like the original sketch...and...sadly, some sketches don't always end up becoming a finished design. Below are a couple rough, original sketches we came up with for the Dog Park printed tote design...

So we already put together a rough composition as well as the general look and feel. Here I redraw a more detailed sketch of what is sure to become the most difficult part, all those little doggies...

Next I generally will scan the image and go through the process of turning my drawing into a vector. I also created a rough vector outline of our Lady A for composition purposes...

Then with some adjustments (meaning endlessly positioning and re-positioning the dogs) as well as cleaning up Lady A and giving her more detail, we are ready to burn some screens and get it printed onto one of our totes...

Bryce Beal
Bryce Beal


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