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Inspiration: Pomegranate Seeds & 60s Wallpaper

November 04, 2017

With autumn in full swing, we can’t help but notice the splashes of vibrant color wherever we go, from the fallen leaves in the streets to the fruits and vegetables at the farmers markets. One of our favorite kinds of fruit here at Lady Alamo is the pomegranate, which is in season right now. We love it not only for its tangy taste, but also because of its lovely round shape and crimson skin and seeds.

When sliced in half, the fruit’s seeds make a striking repeating pattern -- one that reminds us of the geometric patterns of 60s wallpaper. Because we love pomegranates and the retro look of 60s wallpaper, we wondered how we could combine the two. The result is our pretty pomegranate print. Inspiration comes from many places and eras!

You can see our Dolores Reversible Bucket bag in the pomegranate print here:

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